BRC GROUP provides trustuful PoS market research in Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Belarus with local market expertize for more than 20 years. Our services are highly valuated by our partners.

  • Company: "Business Development Group" SIA
  • Address: Graudu str. 58-301,
    Riga, LV-1057, Latvia
  • Email: info@brcgroup.lv


Business Research and Consulting

With a passion for discovery, we deliver information and analysis that inspires our partners to make smarter decisions

About us

Professional Market Insights

BRC Group is one of the leading and most trustful market research and consulting establishment in the Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and Belarus. We provide high quality and professional insights about B2C and B2B markets. At the moment we are the only company which possesses the knowledge, expertise and know-how to provide POS (Point of Sales) services in the consumer electronics field.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics market research. Our expertise and knowledge of the market is highly valued by our partners all over the world.

Services are offered under the brand name BRC Group (Business Research and Consulting). BRC Group was founded by Business Development Group SIA and Profesionalios Informacijos Indeksas UAB. During 2005 - 2017 we successfully represented GfK in these countries.

POS (Point of Sales) Research

Covered sectors: TC (Telecom), CE (Consumer Electronics), IT (Information Technologies), MDA (Major Domestic Appliances), SDA (Small Domestic Appliances).

B2B Research

B2B requires an entirely different approach to market research because of the importance of both performing and interpreting research in the business context. B2B research is where businesses seek the views of people who purchase products or services on behalf of companies.

BRC Custom Research

Custom market research studies offer a more tailored solution to meet your specific objectives, and provide the information needed to make important decisions with confidence.

Forecasts and Market Insights

Uncover new market opportunities and avoid potential risks. Improve sales, revenue and profit performance. Size, segment markets and measure penetration based on current technology trends and latest market reports.

In-depth market analysis

Next level of more intelligent way of big data analysis. Deeper analysis often is required to understand what is really going on in the market. It takes unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious to find valuable key insights and new opportunities.

Business and market consultations

Before business leaders map out big-picture of organizational goals, they must gain an accurate and objective understanding of their company, competitors, and the market as a whole.

We Power Smart Decisions